How are you using that gift?

I was unusually comfortable in a new Sunday school class I visited today and found myself popping off comments (nothing heady, just personal observations and such) throughout the discussion. As I was leaving the class pleasantries were exchanged and several people mentioned how nice it was that I’d spoken up even though I was a visitor. I smiled and told them, only half-joking, that they’d probably have to zip my mouth shut after a while if I continued to attend the class.

One woman, a particularly affable lady who’d been active in the dialog as well, paid me a compliment saying that I appeared to be an intelligent person. She got my attention for sure; it’s not something I hear a lot.  Then she had me. “What are you doing with it?” she continued. I held my breath and froze like a deer in the headlights.  The only answer I could think of was nothing. Before I’d said much more than “uhhhh…,” she fired her follow-up question. “How are you using that gift?”

I’m aware of my God-given gifts and I know where I’m talented (and where I’m not). I am, as they say, without excuse. I should have been able to answer her questions with a quick picture of how I’m working, serving or contributing.

However, lately I’ve been moping around the house feeling like a drain on society. I don’t know if I’m depressed, reacting to the gloomy weather, or just being cranky. I do laundry, clean house, and occasionally cook a meal that requires more than 6 minutes in the microwave and a quick stir. My daughter-in-law tried to convince me that my getting the house clean was in fact a measurable accomplishment.  I groaned in a way that had her back peddling quickly.  I’m clearly not blooming where I’m planted.

This Sunday morning I got whacked with a proverbial 2×4 and reminded that God gave me certain talents and gifts that He expects me to use – maybe not in ways I’ve envisioned – over and above my Grandparenting role.

Like any father, God doesn’t want to hear me moan and complain that I’m bored and feel unappreciated.  He wants me to get off my bum and do something.